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Psychotherapy in Los Angeles

Jason Levine, Ph.D.                               Expert therapy in the heart of West Los Angeles


Anger management

Anger can destroy relationships, employment opportunities, and just about any area of one's life.  Most importantly, it can devastate ones self-esteem.  I use evidenced-based techniques to help you achieve mastery over your emotions so that you can live a life with stability.

LGBT issues

​While being a sexual minority is more accepted in todays society than in times past, there are still many struggles that people face, both young and older.  I understand and am knowledgeable about these issues and am honored to explore with you these sensitive and challenging issues. Together, we can create a harmonious life.

My specialties


Smoking cessation

Smoking is the number one killer of people due to behavior.  In the United States, it kills 480,000 people every year.  I was trained at the Mayo Clinic as a Tobacco Cessation Specialist so that I could help those who have struggled to quit this deadly habit. I offer a very structured and effective program to give you back your power over this addiction.


Addiction Treatment

I have been working in the field of addictions for twenty-five years and it is extremely rewarding work.   I became a Psychologist to be a support for those who want to change their lives for the better.  This work enables me to be a part of the process whereby an individual starts down a new and healthier path.  The rewards are tremendous.